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“As a graphic designer, Jacky brings a wide range of artistic skills to her creative designs, all based on a simple principle of actively listening and responding to the actual  needs of the client.
As a client you do not get “just” what you wanted, but a design which brings the context of the Project alive, and the specific innovative designs which Jacky has brought to my Heritage Projects, have always surpassed my original expectations."
Dave Ramsay
                                                        Project Director
     The Howe of the Mearns Heriatge Association
“On behalf of the Board of Directors of Arbroath Football Club, I
would like to thank and compliment Jacky on the beautiful design work on the poem recently donated to the club. It has pride of place in our boardroom and is greatly admired by guests and visiting directors.
Once again many thanks for your help on this project"
John Christison
    Arbroath Football Club
Looking for a design with that extra creative edge?
Want to keep it local but outside of the box?
Art by Jax was established in 2006 as an outlet for the Artist Jacky Niven to promote and sell her artworks. Jacky has enjoyed much success with her painting and her work has grown in popularity from her early puffin paintings and pet portraits to her large abstract works influenced by her synaesthesia condition.

Jacky continues to paint and her works can be viewed at her new dedicated site JackyNivenArtist.

Art by Jax Creative Agency has evolved from Jacky's work in the community. Her creativity and business background are a strong combination in providing more than just Graphic Design. Jacky works in partnership with other Freelance Creatives to ensure the service provided exceeds her customers' expectations.
Art by Jax
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